Career Profile

Multidisciplinar developer with +9 years of experience as a Freelance Full Stack Developer building solutions for big size companies like Securitas Direct and Telefonica. Skilled in designing and testing multiple applications including database design and deployment. Also lead a development team while transforming company procedures to adopt CI/CD and Automated Testing. Before freelance I did some stuff as an employee. You can check my linkedin profile for more details if you are interested in that part.


Backend Developer

2019 - Present
Securitas Direct, Madrid
  • Senior Backend Developer in IOT-M2M team working on the reception layer for security devices.
  • Build microservices using Springboot+java and standalone applications (Java and QT/C++) for receiving signals and multimedia from devices using differente protocols (UDP+STUN, TCP/IP, XMPP, SMS, HTTPS REST)
  • Deployment with k8s using helm and Jenkins pipelines.
  • Working in a remote team using Scrum methodology (Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket)
  • Collaborate with testers in design and implement Automation Test strategy.
  • Performance testing using Jmeter and custom scripts (bash, ruby, python…)

Lead Developer

2016 - 2020
Aviva Voice System and Services S.L., Madrid
  • Lead Developer in charge of transforming company development procedures.
  • Define and implement procedures for CI/CD with Jenkins.
  • Move from a “manual-testing” enviroment to a “automated-testing” environment focusing on regresion test to improve quality of code.
  • Collaborate with support and operations team to implement end-to-end procedures for validating and deployment in production enviroment.
  • Improve Development lifecycle defining new procedures and tools.
  • Working with the business units to define and improve the procedure for taking requirements and speed up delivery times and quality.

Full Stack Developer

2012 - 2019
Securitas Direct, Madrid
  • Working as a Freelance with B2B contract for different projects related to develop components for reception layer.
  • Building an SMPP connector for integrate SMS channel with a wide range of network operators. Allow adding new operators using and standard protocol just with configuration changes instead of implement operator’s SMS propietary protocol.
  • Maintain a QT/C++ component and improve performance. Fixed a core bug related with multithreading and move from database integration to a Oracle BUS JMS integration. Allow 150% improvement in performance.
  • Migrate old legacy code in QT/C++ to java.
  • Implement an XMPP connector for integrate XMPP channel. Integrate with Openfire and Oracle OCIM. Implement jgroups to allow clustering in a multisite deployment.
  • Develop components to receive high volumen of data from security panels and cameras via UDP/TCP protocols and SQS queues.

Full Stack Developer

2012 - 2016
Aviva Voice System and Services S.L., Madrid
  • Developing and deployment components for SMS and EMAIL integration.
  • Building application for provide value to SMS and Email allowing customers to send short links that redirect to a website portal.
  • Implement component for generate different websites customized for customer.
  • PDF generation and certification.
  • Integration with multiple AWS services: SQS, S3, Data Sync, SES, Polly and SNS.
  • High performance components for send SMS and email allowing routing traffic for multiple providers.

Full Stack Developer

2012 - Present
Telefónica, Madrid
  • Mantain and evolve a webapp for Marketing SMS communications. Built in Java, Resin and Oracle.
  • Building and deploying an SMPP connector that loads SMS from Oracle Database and send to Telefónica SMS platform.
  • Implement APIs for B2B integration.
  • Support and maintain the application and the servers running Linux.


Web-PKI - As BSc final project I built a software that allows you to deploy your own PKI service. Offers a web interface for enroll, renew, download and revoke certificates for personal use or for TLS

Skills & Proficiency





Spring boot


Database Design


Team lead




PKIs and digital signature

Network protocols and tools

AWS Integration